Would you like to become the best distributor?

Distributors have long maintained the key factor that distinguishes them from competitive sources is dedicated personal service.

The fact is that the value-added services provided by distributors are sometimes taken for granted because they have become an integral part of customer relations.

But actually a good distributor also provides solutions to problems and offers operational guidance that leads to increased efficiency.

On the other hand If we, as a company, are relying on one distributor to meet several of our needs, we will make certain that we have a broad and deep mix of each product category we represent.

The perfect distributor should be familiar with hundreds of tried-and-true products and their applications, but also aware of the many innovative and improved products that enter the market every year.

Usually the distributors offer some type of training or partner with manufacturers to present classes and seminars, often at no cost.

The subject matter ranges from basic maintenance and safety instruction to high-efficiency Mesotherapy application techniques and different treatments.

Most distributors conduct workshops at their facilities or at customer locations, while some offer podcasts, videotapes and DVDs or computerized programs that allow employees to learn on their own time.

Often the distributor should also be willing to work with the company on delivery options that will accommodate the needs of both of them.

A good distributor will do whatever it takes to get products to their customers when they need them.

As a company we want to help the distributor with the improvement of the orders, invoicing and recordkeeping system.
Distributors are interested in long-term partnerships, and nothing solidifies the relationship better than helping us to save money without sacrificing quality or effectiveness.

As a result, we hope that after the dedicated and reliable personal service from the distributor we get to engender friendship and trust.
As a conclusion, As a company we wish from the distributor to be:
·         Professional
·         Honest
·         Loyal
·         Sincere
·         share with us their concerns, questions, information
·         Able to make a sales forecast
·         To have a Good red sales
·         Able to give advice, training , demonstrations, etc to their clients

As a company We offer :
·         Professionalism
·         Know How , knowledge
·         Quality products manufactured ,safety and efficacy
·         Trustworthiness
·         Marketing tools for promoting products and for sale
·          Advice and training on application techniques
·         Formality
·         Fast delivery
·         Good service

We are very proud of each one of our distributors, we believe we have created a solidified distributors network and little by little we are getting to create bonds of friendship with all of them.