Spanish cosmetic manufacturer Amdermik, S.L. with more than 20 years of experience is looking for distributors / partners.

All the products are commercialized under its own brand Worlddermic.

Among others, the partner should be able to offer customer service, know about mesotherapy and have contacts with Beauty Centers, Spas and Aesthetic Clinics.

The company would offer a commercial agency agreement.

The company range of products are specifically for hair, facial and body treatments of problems such as obesity, cellulite, adiposity, localized fat, stretch marks, scars and marks, acne, flabbiness, skin spots, hyperpigmentation, hair loss and aging skin, among others.

The enterprise has established its products in several markets.

The company would like to establish long term business cooperation with Commercial Agents from the following countries: Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Nederland’s, Switzerland and Austria.

Would you like to be a distributor? send a e-mail to