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Committed to the beauty and welfare of people, Worlddermic is the Premium Brand of cosmetic products for virtual mesotherapy developed by Amdermik.
At Amdermik, S.L. we are pioneers in cosmetic product development for mesotherapy and transdermal application. We have more than 30 years of experience in product research, development and innovation in the Aesthetic Medicine market.

Amdermik we are committed to continuous product innovation (all products are registered in the European CNCP portal as topical cosmetics) and for customer satisfaction, excellence in the best mesotherapy based product development, and professional cosmetic commitment and aesthetic medicine. The company is extremely dedicated to ongoing research, development and innovation, as well as the efficacy and safety of their products.

Worlddermic is the Premium Brand of high quality cosmetic products for virtual mesotherapy developed by Amdermik. Designed for people who are interested and have aesthetic, health and skin care concerns, demand quality, and require proven solutions.

The brand/company values ARE: 

Worlddermic products
Worlddermic products are:
  • Result of constant research
    Result of constant research
  • Mesotheraphy products for cosmetic purposes
    Mesotheraphy products for cosmetic purposes
  • Pure active ingredients
    Pure active ingredients
  • Manufactured under strict sanitary controls
    Manufactured under strict sanitary controls
  • Pharmaceutical quality
    Pharmaceutical quality
  • Great tolerance
    Great tolerance
  • Safety
  • Highly concentrated
    Highly concentrated
  • Sterility
  • Proven effectiveness
    Proven effectiveness
  • Single-dose
  • Vial boxes or sterile blister packs
    Vial boxes or sterile blister packs
The Worlddermic Line is designed for medical use, and aesthetic specialist professionals. Worlddermic products have been proven for effectiveness in daily use and in clinic, medical center, aesthetic center, beauty center and spas applications.

They are applied by Virtual Mesotherapy or Transdermic mesotherapy through techniques such as Electroporation (magnetic waves), Iontophoresis or Ionization (ultrasounds), Sonophoresis, Derma Roller or Dermapen.

Worlddermic Brand Products are available in international markets through exclusive distributors.

Associated with:
  • ACC1Ó
  • aecoc
  • beauty-cluster-barcelona
  • cambra-de-comerç-de-barcelona
  • cpnp
  • ecoembes
  • icex
  • sgs
  • stanpa
  • Charter diversidad 2015 2017
Virtual Mesotherapy
Virtual Mesotheraphy is a term that is used to give a name to innovative techniques that are allowed to actively penetrate transdermally and work as Mesotherapy, without needles and without injections. It is applied for cosmetic purposes and used in the treatment of facial and body skin diseases, such as aging skin, localized fat, melanic spots, hair loss, skin flabbiness, cellulite or stretch marks among other aesthetic problems.

Virtual Mesotherapy uses different techniques that are available thanks to the medical-aesthetic apparatus.
Between the most common techniques that are used are: Electroporation, Iontophoresis or Ionization and Sonophoresis

  • Electroporation: consists of the emission of electromagnetic waves (EWE) that temporarily alters the permeability of the cell plasma membrane, allowing the formation of pores, which allow principle activity inside.
  • Lontophoresis or Ionization: uses galvanic current (that is fundamentally characterized by producing physical and chemical alterations that originate from phisiologic effects), in order to introduce certain substances inside the body.
  • Sonophoresis: consists in the introduction of substances inside the body using ultrasonic energy (ultrasound.)

Amdermik, S.L., this company is 100% specialized in manufacturing, using the highest quality of active ingredients, and prioritize that Virtual Mesotherapy treatments are successful and effective.
Committed to the beauty and well-being of people
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