Many people are asking this question all over the world. A common question, but it means there are still doubts about the benefits of professional cosmetic products vs. mass-market cosmetics (the ones that are advertised on TV and sold in department stores, drugstores and even pharmacies).

There are reasons to use professional cosmetics instead of mass-market cosmetics. Professional cosmetics have a much higher concentration of active ingredients. Whatever the active ingredient, the professional version always has a higher concentration. And when we talk about higher concentration, we are talking about a difference that can be abysmal, which undoubtedly marks the effectiveness it can have.

This is one of the reasons why professional cosmetics are more effective, but not the only one.  Professional cosmetics are designed to be able to go directly to the problem to be treated in each case. Only a professional (be it a qualified beautician or a doctor), is the one who really understands the problems you may have with your skin and what solution to apply in each case. You can find these solutions only in a professional cosmetic IF THE TREATMENT IS EFFECTIVE AND SAFE.

Many people think that professional cosmetics are much more expensive. The truth is that they are not cheap, but they can be priced very similarly to mass most respected branded cosmetics.

The difference is that some are expensive because of the marketing that goes into selling them and others are expensive because the raw materials and the money spent on research and development makes the product more expensive.  That is because of the product itself, not because of the advertising that a product may have.

You see much less advertising for professional cosmetics, don’t you? Professional products only survive if they are effective and there is the backing of a professional. What they cost on the market is what they are worth. The prices are not inflated for marketing, they cost what they cost because there is science and scientific development behind them, sometimes based on decades of analysis, tests and efficacy tests carried out by scientists and doctors.

Worlddermic’s biotechnology allows deep penetration of each product, which makes the treatments and use much more effective. The most incredible thing is that in just one treatment the skin’s vitality and radiance are greatly improved. You can see it on our website and social networks. If you want to take care of your skin effectively, don’t forget that quality does matter.