Why are aminoacids good for the skin?

Why are aminoacids good for the skin?

Aminoacids  are compounds that help build the structures of proteins.
They are actively involved in the biological body building.
The body requires natural aminoacids to fulfill various tasks such as breaking down food, grow, repair tissues and perform bodily functions.
Internally aminoacids provide nutrients and vital substances that nourish the skin, hair and nails.
Aminoacids therefore are good for full regenerative healing interior, which will improve the connective tissues of our body, facilitating a deep oxygenation of the dermis and helping to eliminate the soften wrinkles of our skin.
Thanks to this it’s possible a facial revitalization, due to the structural components of the dermis that are restored improving the lax, the thickness, the skin elasticity and reduction of external signs of the skin.


• Activate the metabolic processes
• Restore the normal structure of the dermis
• Improve and support the nutrition of tissues
• Rejuvenate physiologically collagen structure
• Helping the formation of new collagen bringing light and improving skin texture

An increasingly well known and very efficient way to implement the aminoacids is the virtual mesotherapy method which is a completely painless method.
The most common substances usually employed for facial virtual mesotherapy are, among others: vitamins, amino acids and hyaluronic acid.

The aminoacids often are implemented with alternative hydration and reaffirmation sessions.

The virtual mesotherapy is an alternative to traditional mesotherapy that  doesn't  require injections.
t is a system that allows conduction transdermal, penetration into the skin, of pharmaceutical quality products but without using needles.
The work area is usually the face, neck and neckline to achieve more higher results.
Amdermik, branded Worlddermic presents the Bio-Revitalisation range, which between its components contains aminoacids that contribute to the immediate improvement of the appearance of the face.
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