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World Dermic is a brand owned by Amdermik S.L. based in Barcelona and established by the chemist, Mr Alejandro Avendaño.

Since 1980 Alejandro has been one of the pioneers in the field of mesotherapy and cosmetic product formulation. He worked on a research and development of numerous trademarks which nowadays are the leaders on professional cosmetics mark. Over 30 years ago Alejandro Avendaño founded a company where scientists begin to manufacture professional cosmetics. The company quickly grew to be very successful and its products are now sold in more than 40 countries worldwide.


What does the brand stand for?

The brand’s principles are professional cosmetology, elegance, serenity, beauty health and purity. Its symbol, the drop of water, embodies all of these qualities. Alejandro Avendaño learned the secrets of skin while working as a laboratory chemist . He then pursued his passion and created the company devoted to professional skincare.

The company is now run by his daughter Mrs. Alma Avendaño ( Alma means Soul in Spanish).Mrs. Avendaño remembers all the professional tips her father passed on to her, all the secret formulas that help the skin maintain its beauty and vitality.

Amdermik has pioneered the development of cosmetic products used for transdermal therapy and mesotherapy through medical aesthetic procedures.

Products are developed to address various issues, such as ageing process as well as obesity. Personal Home Care line has been designed especially for our customers who can now use the cosmetics from the comfort of their own home.

The vast range of mesotherapy and transdermal therapy products has proven to be successful in surgery clinics practicing aesthetic medicine as well as aesthetic centers and spas.


We believe that the foundation of our success is ensuring that we offer value to our partners and customers. We are proud to research, develop, innovate and manufacture cosmetics that meet the demands of customers and provide our partners with a sustainable and profitable business.

Quality policy

Amdermik, S.L. manages its processes for scientific research, development, innovation and manufacturing of cosmetics under the standards of quality and product safety. Amdermik S.L . is comp lying with the requirements of our customers within the applicable legal framework and committing to wellness and beauty as factors of satisfaction.

“Science for the perfect skin”

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