What is Electroporation?

What is Electroporation?
What is Electroporation?
It is a treatment that favors the penetration of active products through the technique of electroporation by radiofrequency, becoming a non-invasive and painless option to introduce drugs by trans-epidermal route.
Aesthetic electroporation presents as a painless and non-invasive alternative to conventional mesotherapy, so many have called it "virtual mesotherapy" or without needles, providing the possibility of introducing drugs in a localized form.
The mechanism by which electroporation works is as follows: with the emission of a pulsed electromagnetic wave, athermic and non-ionizable, causes an alteration in the potential membrane, which generates an electrophoresis of the lipids, resulting in a momentary opening Of the cell membrane for the entry of substances.
In this way, electroporation generates a physical rearrangement of the cells of the skin, allowing to introduce active principles to the interior of the cells of the skin to obtain diverse benefits. And the most important thing is that it’s a completely pain-free treatment, making it a very convenient alternative over other techniques that involve certain complications.

Electroporation allows:
- Reduce inflammatory and edema processes.
- Reduce bruising.
- Increase the synthesis of collagen.
- Penetrating substances via transepidermal.

Recommended electroporation applications and products:

- Stretch Marks (Silicdermic, Mesofirm)
- Cellulitis (Caffeindermic, Carnitidermic)
- Flaccidity (Peptidermic, Lift-meso)
- Rejuvenation (Ascordermic, Mesoface, Hydrameso 1%)
- Rehydration (H-50 Bio Revitalisation, H-30 Bio Revitalisation, Hydrameso 3.5%)
- Localized adiposity (Cynadermic, Natural Extracts I Reducing, Deoxidermic)
- Scars (Hyaluronidase)
- Muscle aches (Melilotdermic)

Among the benefits offered by this technique are:

- Non-invasive.
- Painless.
- It has no galvanic effect.
- Does not stimulate the muscle.
- Does not use coupling gel.
- Practical and easy to use.
- It allows introducing ionic, nonionic and lipophilic and hydrophilic substances
Electroporation is allowed for people of any age and does not represent any complication or side effects, allowing to incorporate more than one active principle in each treatment.
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