What is Dermapen device?

El Dermapen is a micro – needle device compoused by multiple fine needles that works to tighten, lift and rejuvenate the skin.

The aparatology of Dermapen, united with Dermaroller, (You can see the article of Dermaroller in the previous article), they are useful tools for the treatment of puncture, (see a previous article of the techniques of puncture on the blog).

In fact, the Dermapen is the evolution of the Dermaroller. While the treatment of puncture with Dermaroller, the instrument used is a roller, with the Dermapen is instead a kind of pen that performs mechanically and continuously microscopic holes of selectable length.

                                                               ¿How it works?

 – EU charger plug: early models of Dermapen allowed to work exclusively with the cable, while nowadays have wireless access which allows the operation of the Dermapen without cable. This will facilitate treatment and prevent that there is no disturbance, nor any limit imposed by the presence of a wire that needs to load and connect to the device permanently.

-Power button off and speed selection: with the button pressed, the device is activated or deactivated. In addition, once activated, pressing the button serves to change and select different speeds. Generally, all Dermapens have at least 5-speed different from less to more up to the maximum.

With regard to avaliable models of Dermapen in the Worlddermic brand, Dermapen M5-W device reaches a maximum speed of 25,000 RPM (repeats for minute) . A speed increase corresponds to an increase in the number of micro perforations for minute and an greater/lesser sensation of pain by the patient (remember the sensation of pain is completely subjective).

-Rotation of the needle length adjustment: through a clockwise or counterclockwise, can determine the length of the needles that carry out the treatment. There are ranges of devices of selectable length from 0.25 mm to 2.50 mm.
-Hitch head (top of the Dermapen): the Dermapen device, to its end, has a section dedicated to the corresponding head that contains a variable number of surgical steel needles (usually 12 or 36).

Although the Dermapen is a tool for long-lasting, the only component that should be available, for an appropriate prophylaxis is the head used during treatment. Sold universally for all models of Dermapen, and are sold in boxes of 25. 

Once the head has been incorporated and has been turned on the device by pressing the corresponding button, the needles, thanks to mechanical components that exist within the Dermapen, begin to make precise vertical movements that are useful for the puncture treatment. These movements generate micro holes so the epidermis respond physiologically with synthesis a new collagen and elastin, and the release of growth factors.

All this translates into an increase in tone, elasticity and cell renewal. Remember that the Dermapen should not be used on the skin dry, sterile and highly concentrated active ingredients-binding what is also ideal for the treatment of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, deep and medium of expression, alopecia, fat located, cellulite, Gill, stretch marks and scars.

How to use it in 9 steps

The method to use Dermapen, is used in 9 main steps:

(1) Clean treatment area
(2) Connect the Dermapen to electric current
(3) Insert the head through the special locking mechanism

(4) Adjusted by the corresponding button and select the speed by turning the ring treatment of depth, depending on the area to be treated and skin conditions:
– Forehead, around the eyes and lips contour: 0, 50 mm;
– Cheekbones, Chin, neck and hands: 1, 00 mm;
– Abdomen, buttocks and thighs: 1, 50 mm 2, 50 mm.

(5) Choose the right active substance or mixture of assets according to the type of problem to be treated:
– Anti Wrinkle and anti aging: hyaluronic acid, DMAE, argireline and leuphasyl and trace elements;
– Scars, stretch marks, loss of face and body tone: AMD, organic silicon, argireline and leuphasyl;
– Hyper pigmentation: vitamin c and Glutathione;
– Localized fat, cellulite and jowls: carnitine, lecithin, artichoke extract, routine, and sodium deoxycholate.

(6) Implement the active ingredient or combination of active selected in the treatment area (the area to be treated must never be dry: active ingredients should always be used before, during and after treatment);

(7) With your free hand, gently stretch the piece of skin to be treated. With the other, perform the puncture by small circular, horizontal and vertical movements. Exert light pressure and constant to ensure that the asset or mixture of active treatment area; get constantly.

(8) At the end of the treatment, to a massage so that the active ingredient continue its effect until completely absorbed.

(9) Apply a soothing mask holding his pose for 15-20 minutes. Avoid exposure to the Sun on the day of treatment. We recommend using a sunscreen 50 + in the next 7 days.

Although it is possible to admire the results even after the first treatment session, a full cycle of 8-10 sessions per week is recommended for best results.

Treatment of puncture with Dermapen is also known as “socializing treatment” because of its limited impact in terms of complications post processing: all limited to redness and possible loss of blood that vary depending on the type of skin, capillary fragility and length of needles used during treatment.

To learn the correct techniques of dermapen and dermaroller puncture, you can go to various workshops of formation of Worlddermic.

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