It is said that “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” however outside follow any stereotype, often we need to feel comfortable with our bodies to be more comfortable in order to get enough self-confidence to take on the world.

With the arrival of summer holidays, we are filled of purposes and we set the goal of losing those extra pounds that have accumulated during the winter.

Unfortunately the willpower usually has a prematurely end.

Deoxycholate is recommended for people who are normal weight but have localized fat, or are just a little over weight.

So once we have made the diets and circuits exercises required, we can proceed to reaffirm those areas more rebels that refuse to abandon us.

It can be applied in any part of the body, less in the face. Fat in abdomen, buttocks, thigh and back are the best parts for application.

Sodium deoxycholate acts as a “detergent” against fat.

It is acid present in human bile, which emulsifies fats ingested in the diet.

But when applied directly in adipose tissue by virtual mesotherapy, liquefies the adipocyte so that the lipids are eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

This product can only be applied by specialists and beauty professionals.

It is important to ensure  that the specialist is very well, so that the sodium deoxycholate is distributed completely homogeneously in the defined areas and the accurate dose.

If not  it can produce:
• fat necrosis
• necrosis
• Ulcers important

Amdermik, with its brand Worlddermic offers two products that have demonstrated a high degree of satisfaction for both distributors and final consumers.

We recommend using
• Deoxidermic (molding compound)
• Remolding (molding compound)

Deoxidermic and Remolding are effective in slimming treatments and as body modelling.

Welcome the summer with open arms.