VII Padel Benefic Tournament with Worlddermic

VII Padel Benefic Tournament with Worlddermic
"Sandra Ibarra Foundation of solidarity against Cancer arises from the need to promote and coiordinar efforts against this disease".
The objectives of the foundatios are to add wills for weaving a universal network on the basis of local organizations, open new ways to improve the quality of life of patients and fund research.
Sandra Ibarra is given the unique role of prescribers of the Foundation "We fight together", due to it's experience of many years against cancer, first as a patient, and consequently as an activist to illness and it's public influence.

The company
Amdermik, S.L are in the seventh benefic padel tournament from 19 to 25 June, in the Club of Majalahonda.    

Could fins us in the Distetic Cosmedia High technology, where you could fins all kinds of new products for skin care, makeup, creams...

Reggenerating cream
Reskin Pro was at the benefic market.
"Regenerate your skin with Reskin Pro cream"

Regenerating Cream. Intelligent regenerating cream responsible for protecting and multiplying the stem cells of the skin, according to their need. Contains extracts of apple stem cells that improve the appearance.

Silk Pearls Worlddermic spotlight was at the market of Pink Week.          
"Silk Pearls, Action Against Expression Wrinkles"
Professional anti-wrinkle treatment in single monodose capsules containing the Argilerine peptide. The Silk Pearls are a great choice in professional cosmetics to provide specific skin care and get a perfect skin.

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