Use a good Conductive and cleanser gel!

Use a good Conductive and cleanser gel!
It is important to wash your face with soap and water and use moisturizer afterwards. However, there is one important step you should not overlook, which is facial cleansing. Using a cleanser, will help the care of your complexion, as it will rid you of all the dirt and impurities that can remain on your face.

The Worlddermic conductive and Cleanser gel serves to make any product more effective, as it is an excellent driver, as well as a skin cleanser, it is good to apply before any treatment but above all before carrying out a treatment of Peeling.

Characteristics and properties of conductive gel and facial cleanser
It is a gel that possesses a great capacity of lubrication thanks to its content in natural oils and cleansing capacities of the skin. It also contains phospholipids, which are used as vehicle agents for subsequent treatments of the skin.
Below we see its active ingredients:

Phospholipids are liposome formers and therefore act as carriers of substances that we want to penetrate better into the skin.
Sunflower oil, is especially rich in vitamin E and caffeic acid. It is a natural antioxidant product that allows to keep the skin in very good condition. The cleanser keeps the skin hydrated, reducing imperfections and decreasing the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.
Sweet Almond Oil, Contributes to the improvement of the texture of the skin leaving it moisturized and smooth. It has emollient and nutritive properties.
Coconut oil, it has restorative, protective, moisturizing, purifying and antifungal properties. Moisturizes the skin in case it is dry or rough giving a silky appearance.

How to apply?

The necessary quantity must be applied according to the need of the treatment that will be carried out.

In conclusion, the Worlddermic Conductive and cleanser gel is a treatment that benefits 100% to your face. Thanks to its excellent regenerating, restorative and restructuring properties of the skin.
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