Worlddermic tips to succeed in the Cosmeceutical Aesthetic Market are:

1.       Personalized formulas and combination of active protocols

2.       Trans dermic sequential liberation of actives

3.       Purity of specific antiaging in the exact percentage

4.       European warranty of quality (ISO:9001, GMP, CPNP)

 Cosmeceuticals monodosis in sterile vials made in Barcelona-Spain

Worlddermic Cosmeceutical Product Line sets a new bar in topical skin care.

·         Non invasive

·         Pharmaceutical Quality

·         Aesthetic medical use

An innovative new line of cosmeceuticals is being looked at as an exciting advance in the skincare market.

The prestigious products incorporate ingredients with scientifically proven skin-enhancing properties and a proprietary transdermal delivery technology that is groundbreaking in its ability to actively transport the topically applied constituents into the epidermis without altering the integrity of the stratum corneum.
In addition, the products are formulated with only Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) materials, and their effectiveness is backed by data from clinical trials.

Worlddermic founder by Mr. Alejandro Avendaño, has created an advanced line of topical skincare products for restoring skin to a healthier and more youthful condition.”

“We believe that our merging of science with the art of formulation has resulted in the creation of exceptional products for improving the skin,” says Mr. Alejandro Avendaño (Spanish Chemist with more than 40 years experience)

He notes that historically, treatments for improving the cosmetic appearance of the skin have been based on the principle of wounding to allow penetration of topically applied modalities through the disrupted skin and to stimulate restorative healing.

This concept has been the foundation underlying the use of chemical peels, laser treatments or chemicals with minor irritant properties, such as retinoic acid, salicylic acid or alpha-hydroxyl acids, but the Holy Grail has been to find ways to deliver ingredients into the skin and stimulate healing processes without causing damage.

Worlddermic range of products includes:

a) Anti-aging and flash effect





    Hydrameso 1%

    Hydrameso 3,5%


    Mesoface (cocktail)

    Mesofirm (cocktail)

b) Whitening

    Mesogluta 1200


c) Purifying


d) Haircare

    Mesohair (Cocktail)

e) Shaping, lipolitic and anti-cellulite effect





    Mesolipo (Cocktail)

    Mesocelu (Cocktail)


    Cocktail Natural Extracts for Cellulite

    Cocktail Reducing Natural Extracts