The Worlddermic Silk Pearls Capsules containing Argilerine peptide with anti-wrinkle effect.
The Argilerine molecular mechanism produces: inhibition of neurotransmitter released by neuron cells.
After 15 days applying daily 1 capsule, the wrinkles decrease its depth average 16,9% and 27 % after 30 days.
The skin roughness decreases a 20, 5% after 28 days of application.
Characteristics of Silk Pearls Capsules with Argilerine:

  • A serum texture that helps hydration and it provides a silky effect on the skin
  • Monodose capsules
  • Ready to use finished product
  • Prevent degradation of active ingredients maintaining efficacy until the time of use

Worlddermic Silk Pearls Capsules presentation: 1 box with 30 capsules monodose (1 per day)