Healthy skin is able to fight the signs of aging, heal much faster and in a more efficiently way prevents the disease that could develop.

When the skin is sick you can lose elasticity and could wear away, this is due to the existence of dead skin.

Factors that may influence in the deterioration, are:
·       Sun
·       Lack of hydration
·       Pollution
·       Poor nutrition

Do not panic! Skin can be repaired.

You can give your skin a deep corrective treatment.

With exfoliation we can remove the remains of dead cells and open the pores.
This allows the skin back to look shiny and bright.

By DMAE firmness of tissues it is returned. It is protective of anti-free radical enzymes, is also involved in cholinergic stimulation creates a vasodilator effect by increasing skin perfusion and thus cellular nutrition and hydration.

The  most common problems of skin are:
·       Viral infections
·       ezcemas
·       Psoriasis
·       Acne
·       Fungal Infections
·       Skin cancer
·       Hives
·       Alopecia

Therefore, it is important to note that the increased risk for skin is excess sunlight, which can cause premature aging.

Your skin deserves proper care, especially as the years pass.