Dimethylaminoethanol, also known as DMAE is a chemical substance whose topical application was discovered by American dermatologist Dr. Perricone of Yale University, specialist in anti-aging treatments.
The application of this molecule in anti-wrinkle treatments and anti-flaccidity has meant a real revolution in the aesthetics market, since it has a powerful, durable and almost immediate lifting effect, the so-called “Cinderella effect”.
The AMD reaffirms, improves the stability of the cell membrane, which protects from free radicals and helps eliminate toxins.
Improving the contractility of the skin (makes muscle tone right to exercise any movement which appears with aging).
The use of DMAE in dermatology and aesthetics is quite recently. 
The discovery of its rejuvenating action was accidental; it was found that one of the side effects seen in patients treated with this was the hyper tonicity of the cervical muscle located at the height of the mandible.
Dr. Perricone decided to apply it topically, including it in a facial cream and obtained positive results: it was observed an increase in facial muscle tone, mainly in the area of the neck and eyelids.

TENSOR effect of DMAE
DMAE is a small hydrophilic molecule of low molecular weight and which can therefore be easily penetrate through the skin.
Its action is due to that it is a precursor of the Acetylcholine.
The topical application of DMAE causes a visible effect of tension and firmness: “lifting effect”, which may be visible within 20-30 minutes of applying the product.
Clamping action continues to improve during the first 6 months of your application and remains stable for 4 to 8 weeks after discontinuation of the treatment.

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