What is cellulite?
The term cellulite refers to the dimpled appearance of the skin that some people have on their hips, thighs, and buttocks. This appearance is much more common in women than in men because of differences in the way fat, muscle, and connective tissue are distributed in men and women’s skin. The lumpiness of cellulite is caused by fat deposits that push and distort the connective tissues beneath skin, leading to the characteristic changes in appearance of the skin.
Predominantly found on bottoms, thighs and even upper arms, cellulite strikes women of all ages and all sizes. In fact, it’s estimated that up to 90 per cent of women will experience some form of cellulite at some time in their life after puberty.
So what exactly is cellulite? “Cellulite is a connective tissue disorder”, “Simply put, the structure of the body’s fat cell chambers break down and cause this dimpling to appear.” Worlddermic Export Manager Mr. Pardo suggests that a likely reason for this breakdown in connective fiber is a poor circulatory system; “Loss of circulation to an area – whether caused by lack of exercise, too much sitting, clogged arteries or nutrient deficiency – can have a serious impact and accelerate cellulite formation.”
Because cellulite is not like regular fat, it must be treated differently. “For years, many experts argued that cellulite is merely fat and can only be treated with diet and exercise,” says Mr. Pardo.
“Yet non-overweight, physically active women also plead for treatments or products to address dimpled-thigh skin.”

What causes cellulite?
The dimpled appearance of cellulite can be considered to be a normal variant — one way that many perfectly normal human beings look. Heredity, skin thickness, gender, the amount and distribution of body fat, and age can all influence the extent to which cellulite is present or visible. While cellulite is more common in women than men, men can also be affected. Cellulite occurs in people of all races living all around the globe. Although female hormones may play a role in contributing to this pattern of fat distribution, cellulite is not treatable by hormone therapy.

Worlddermic has a range of products indicated for cellulite treatment:
Natural Extracts II for Cellulite contains gotu kola, ginko biloba, ivy and fucus.
Gotu kola is a great regenerator and bio stimulant with firming capacity.
Ivy has a detoxifying capacity with peripheral vasodilator action, an anti-oedema effect and draining action of the products of lipolysis.
Fucus has a moisturizing, lipolytic and anti-oedema effect that promotes capillary circulation, improving the tropism of cellulite affected skin.

  •  Application in a professional aesthetics clinic:  between 8 and 12 sessions spaced 8-15 days.

Before starting the cellulite treatment with Natural Extracts II for Cellulite we recommend doing 4 sessions of Deoxidermic containing Sodium deoxycholate.
The Sodium deoxycholate solubilizes fats for absorption in the intestines.
After using Deoxidermic the Natural Extracts II for Cellulite results are deeper and faster.

Caffeindermic contains caffeine.
Caffeine stimulates the central nervous and increases the breakdown of fats in the adipocyte and stimulates microcirculation, drainage and diuresis the tissue so the surface of the skin becomes soft and smooth.

  •  Application in a professional aesthetics clinic: between 8 and 12 sessions spaced 8-15 days.

We recommend 1 Maintenance treatment every 6 months.