Remolding (Remolding)
                                        "Body remolding solution with lipolytic effect"

Naturally present in cell membranes, this phospholipid dissolves the fat stored in the adipocytes. Phosphatidylcholine Lipolytic Solution emulsifies the fat, allowing it to be absorbed and transported.

This makes it ideal for reducing localized fat deposits.
Areas of application
Application areas
Thighs, buttocks, abdomen.
  • Localized fat deposits.
  • Cellulite with high fat.
Usually necessary between 8 and 12 sessions spaced 8-15 days.

More sessions may be required, since it depends on the degree of advancement of esteatopatía.

Action phosphatidylcholine, does not stop the effects of unhealthy habits in silhouette, so you should carry out regular maintenance treatments.
1 Maintenance treatment every 6 months.
Phosphatidylcholine polyunsaturated.
  • 5 ml ampoules.
  • Container 10 ampoules.
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