The average weight that most people gain at Christmas is two kilos. The data was found by a group of American physicians who published a few years ago in the New England Journal of Medicine where they analyzed this phenomenon.

Now, after the holidays, it’s time to adjust the accounts and make a plan to help us recover.
A good ally to carry out this plan will be the artichoke. Since it has many properties that will facilitate our effort to lose those extra pounds.

What are the benefits of artichoke?

The properties of extracts of the Cynara (artichoke) have been studied and the results are the following:
1) Probiotic Properties
2) Plasma cholesterol regulator
3) Antioxidant
4) Hepatoprotective
5) Appetite suppressant

That is, it favors the rapid digestion and elimination of fats; Helps eliminate toxins from the body. It also collaborates with the liver and liver function and one of our main objectives, is ideal for losing weight and burning extra fats, It has low caloric content and high in water.

How does it work in our body?

The lipolytic action of Cynara Scolymus is produced by favoring the synthesis of the coenzymes NAD-NADH2 and NADP-NADPH2 involved in the anabolic reducing processes that in adipose tissue and in the liver, are used mainly in the synthesis of fatty acids.
Its depurative action stimulates the lymphatic drainage system reducing the retention of accumulated fluid in the tissues and decreases edema and sensation of swelling.

Worlddermic presents Cynadermic, which acts against flaccid and overweight cellulite and is composed of artichoke extract solution.