Quality policy

Our laboratory has the ISO 22716 Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices of Cosmetics

Committed to the satisfaction, beauty and welfare of people, AMDERMIK manages their marketing and distributions processes of cosmetic products and medical devices, under quality standards and security of the product, complying with the requirements of our customers, within the applicable legal framework.

We believe in the beauty and welfare of people, and we are proud to market cosmetic products and medical devices, which provide both excellence and solutions to the professional, as to the final consumer. This is what gives meaning to our company.

We aim to consolidate our position as a world-class Organization, recognized in the aesthetic medicine field at national and international level, creating economic and social value in a sustained manner.

Our company, since its creation, has always been committed to delivering cosmetic products and medical devices to their customers that meet their requirements and expectations.

The objective of this Quality Policy is the consolidation of this reality, continually improving performance and building confidence of our clients.

For us, Quality is to know who our client is, what their expectations are, and to carry these expectations out on time, always complying with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. The satisfaction of our customer is ours.

When implementing a Quality management system according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 standard, we are maximizing the participation potential of all, and eliminating the things that do not provide value to our customer, while continuously improving competitiveness.

In accordance with this Policy, we set Quality Objectives at all levels, conducting a follow-up to the degree of compliance, so we can measure our improvement.

The Administration revises periodically the management system, to insure its continuing suitability, adequacy, and continuous effectiveness.

In this review, opportunities to improve the quality system and the processes are assessed, and detect the needs to make changes in the quality system, including the Quality Policy and Objectives.

The Administration recognizes that to fulfill these objectives, it is essential to have full participation of all of the members of the company, joining its continuing commitment to improve their individual work, teamwork and total commitment to the overall objectives of our company.

Consistent with the assumed responsibility, provides the necessary resources for the fulfillment of this policy.

The Administration
February 2015