“Skin firming solution”

DMAE promotes  skin tissues firmness.

DMAE is protector of the anti-free radical enzymes and is also involved in cholinergic stimulation that creates a vasodilator effect by increasing skin perfusion and thus cellular nutrition and hydration.

It has a skin moisturizing effect by paracrine stimulation of nicotinic receptors of the sweat glands.

Application areas

Abdomen, Arms, Back, Back of the hands, Cheekbones, Corner of Lips, Countenance, Décolleté, Hair, Lower belly, Neck, Side, Stomach, Thighs, Tummy button


  • Preventive and palliative management of cutaneous photo-aging.
  • Dry and / or dehydrated.
  • Sagging facial and body.


  • DMAE tartrate.


  • Blisters of 2 ml.
  • Box 10 ampoules.