Silk pearls

Action Against Expression Wrinkles

Silk Pearls is an antiwrinkle treatment with the efficacy comparable to Botulinum Toxin. Its main active, The Argirelin, reduces the depth of wrinkles caused by the contraction of expression muscles, especially those that appear on the forehead and around the eyes. Silk Pearls deliver and preserve hydration, revive skin tone and give the skin smooth, silk-like feel, while reducing wrinkles and leaving your skin with glow.

Botox effect. No injections, no side effects.
It has been shown that the Argilerine molecule inhibits neurotransmitters that release neuronal cells.
After 15 days applying the Silk Pearls capsules (1 a day), the depth of wrinkles decreases by 16.9% and at 30 days the depth of wrinkles decreases by 27%.

Action. Moisturizing and with silky effect on the skin.
The Silk Pearls are a great choice in professional cosmetics to provide specific skin care and get a perfect skin.

Application areas

Countenance, Forehead, Lines


  • Reduce the appearance of expression lines
  • Erase expression lines
  • Accurate action on the expression muscles
  • It recovers the best aspect of your skin with the effect similar to Botox treatments.


  • Argireline


  • Box with 30 single-dose capsules 
  • Box with 60 single-dose capsules 
  • Box with 90 single-dose capsules