In recent years, Peptides have become a star ingredient in anti-ageing cosmetics. Like other cosmetic active ingredients, peptides are part of the human body and have various functions.

Peptides are molecules formed by the union of different amino acids that are joined with bonds called peptides.

Peptides are involved in a large number of biochemical processes.  They transmit information to the cells, connect the epidermis with the dermis so that it can regenerate faster, stimulate fibroblasts, promote collagen production, etc. This is why they are important in skincare and, above all, in anti-ageing cosmetics.

Peptides restore the skin, stimulate its renewal and regeneration, thus helping to fight against ageing. They have been shown to have a remarkable soothing effect on the skin.

Other peptides help to improve the appearance of wrinkles, smooth fine lines and prevent loss of firmness.


Our products: H range (H30, H50, H100 and H100 +), Peptidermic and Silk Pearls (for personal care) have a high concentration of new generation peptides.

Both Peptidermic and Silk Pearls are products full of Argireline, the peptide that restores the best appearance of your skin with the Botox effect, but without toxins.

It has been proven that the Argilerine molecule inhibits the neurotransmitters that release neuronal cells.

After 15 days of applying Silk Pearls capsules (1 per day), the depth of wrinkles decreases by 20% and after 30 days the depth of wrinkles decreases by 30%.

You can and must use them continuously to see the benefits. They can be used both day and night on all skin types, as they are well tolerated.

They are ideal for mature skin or skin that wants to slow down ageing.

In the pictures, you can see the combined treatment of Peptidermic and Mesoface (vitamins B) and Silk Pearls used at home.