Using a specialized cocktail, your scalp is essentially given a vitamin boost which can improve the blood circulation in this area. Better circulation allows your hair follicles to be better nourished…all of which can improve hair re-growth.
With mesotherapy, treatment for hair loss will likely be done via injection gun.
This helps to make mesotherapy treatment for hair loss faster as well as potentially less painful.
Over time, the mesotherapy solution will neutralize the DHT hormone, causing hair to grow again.
You may need as many as five sessions of this mesotherapy treatment for hair loss over a period of four to six months before you see significant results.

The professional will let you know if your particular case requires more or less treatment.

Mesotherapy can potentially eliminate the need for hair transplant surgery. However, remember that mesotherapy treatments work best when toxins are eliminated from the diet and you’re following a healthy exercise program.

We recommend to use Mesohair from Worlddermic applied with Mesotherapy.