VIRTUAL MESOTHERAPY is a term created some time ago to define all those electro-aesthetic techniques with properties that convey active ingredients, including ionisation. There are mechanical techniques such as ultrasound (sonophoresis); electrical techniques such as ionization or pulsed currents; and electromagnetic techniques such as electroporation.

Its application for aesthetic purposes allows to introduce active ingredients into deeper layers of the skin without the need to use needles or injections as in the case of conventional mesotherapy, reserved exclusively for medical use, and therefore to have available non-invasive treatments with high performance and effectiveness.

  Thanks to the advances in the field of medical-aesthetic equipment,  we can treat different alterations or aesthetic imperfections at both facial and body level. Today we can perfectly treat skin ageing, localised fat, pigmentary alterations of melanic origin, hair loss, skin flaccidity, cellulite or stretch marks, among other aesthetic problems.

These techniques are the ones previously mentioned and known as  Electroporation/ Ionization /Ultrasounds.



Consists of the emission of electromagnetic waves (EWE) that temporarily alters the permeability of the cell plasma membrane, allowing the formation of pores, which allow principle activity inside.

Iontophoresis or Ionization

Uses galvanic current (that is fundamentally characterized by producing physical and chemical alterations that originate from phisiologic effects), in order to introduce certain substances inside the body.


Consists in the introduction of substances inside the body using ultrasonic energy (Ultrasound).

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