We all want to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19. That is why we have been wearing face masks for more than a year now.  It is not only for our own sake, but also to show solidarity with the most vulnerable people, people who are not yet vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated.

Masks help us, but they also cause an aesthetic problem called Mascne.

Mascne is a disorder that is nothing more than mechanical acne, which is a rash caused by an object that causes the skin to sweat and also rubs it. Increased stressful situations have undoubtedly caused outbreaks and recurrences of skin problems, but a “new” type of acne has come to the fore. It is characterized by small pimples appearing in areas covered by mascara. The widespread use of any type of mask, whether it is made of cloth, “medical” fabric, or paper. Mechanical acne can appear when some protective agent presses on the skin; in early stages, the skin may simply appear rough, but as it progresses, these small outbreaks can become irritated and end up as blisters. Sweat, skin oils, and bacteria also get trapped between the mask and the skin. The increased humidity and the contact of the mask with the skin cause irritations and pimples.

How to deal with this problem then?

We have proved it! With our specialized treatments with Professional Products and the Personal Line Worlddermic®.

Professional Products

Ask your beautician for our Silicdermic® and H100+® treatments to prevent the effects of Mascne and keep your skin soft young, and hydrated.

Personal Line

  1. After removing the mask, carefully wash your face and apply your usual face cream. Avoid aggressive products – containing benzoyl peroxide or retinol, for example – as they can irritate the skin more, given the friction effect of the mask.
  2. Put one of our Silk Pearls® on your face, especially on the area where the mask is most pressing, and massage until it is completely absorbed.
  3. At night, apply Agedefy® (a serum of hyaluronic acid, pure vitamin C and collagen)
  4. Once a week, after a gentle cleansing and peeling, apply our Worlddermic® Mask with coconut fibre, collagen and aloe vera.