Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants we can consume, it neutralizes the effect of free radicals by protecting the intracellular structures of oxidative stress and potentiates the effect of vitamin E antioxidants.

That is, it exerts 4 fundamental actions on the skin: Antioxidant, Regenerating, Moisturizing and Luminating.

The skin is oxidized due to several reasons, Dehydrated and devitalized skin, dehydrated by excess sun, wishing to prevent aging and affected by stress.

That is why cosmetic products are important to help the skin fight against oxidation and prevent skin aging.

Agedefy is a cosmetic for personal use, which has a triple action and is effective against wrinkles, against dry skin and flaccid skin.

For this it must have concentrations higher than 5%, Agedefy has a 10% concentration of vitamin C, and the reason for its anti-stain power is that vitamin C is a inhibitor of tyrosinase and therefore acts as adjuvant in depigmenting treatments.
The solution should be applied daily on the face and neckline by means of a light massage with the fingertips.

Ascorbic acid

But if you are looking for a deeper treatment we recommend Ascordermic, composed of ascorbic acid.

Acts against:

· Photo-aging / photoprotection
· Lack of firmness
· Melasma / hyperpigmentation
· Dull Skin

This product must be applied by professionals.

Finally what we recommend to get the most out of your skin and make it shine are the Silk Pearls“. It is a product of personal use and pharmaceutical quality.
They are capsules, composed with the peptide argireline and which reduce the depth of wrinkles