Lipolytic and Purifying Action of the Artichoke Extract

Lipolytic and Purifying Action of the Artichoke Extract
Artichoke extract, also known as Cynara Scolymus, enhances significantly the synthesis of the coenzymes involved in anabolic processes reducing adipose tissue.
Its cleansing action stimulates the lymph draining system reducing the retention of fluids built up in the tissues and reduces edema and the feeling of swelling.
Thanks to its antioxidant effect, artichoke extract prevents body skin aging caused by free radicals.
Artichoke has been used in traditional medicine for centuries as a specific liver and gallbladder remedy.
Artichoke is used to mobilize fatty stores in the liver and detoxify it, and as a natural aid to lower cholesterol.
The Cynarin demonstrated properties against oxidative stress are induced by inflammatory mediators. In addition it exercises a certain control on lipolysis, benefiting the synthesis of energy-transporting enzymes NAD-NADH2 and NADP-NADPH2.
It acts as diuretic and vasoconstrictor, stimulating the lymphatic drainage system.
Artichoke mobilizes fat stores from tissues such as white adipose tissue, and these fats pour into the blood from which they are subsequently excreted from the body.

We recommend Cynadermic from Worlddermic which is very effective helping to lose weight and to reduce fat.

Cynadermic is an aqueous solution of artichoke extract.
The artichoke is a plant that contains cynarin and sterols. The cynarin is indicated for detoxification processes, whereas sterols inhibit the absorption of some fat in the small intestine, which enhances the reduction of blood cholesterol levels.
Cynadermic is indicated in the treatments with edematous components adiposity and cellulite in edematous phase and inflammatory edema.
Cynadermic complements and enhances the benefits in reduction processes of obesity in people with hypertension and/or retaining fluids.
Cynadermic improves the consistency and the solidity of tissues.
Cynadermic helps to reduce volume and also is indicated in weight treatments.
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