Today we bring a Deep correction treatment. It has a high pharmaceutical quality and it’s non- invasive at all.
It’s H-50 Bio-revitalisation.
It is thought for people between 35-45 years old.

What do you achieve by applying it?
This product promises to soften the appearance of the first wrinkles.
The wrinkles are caused by different factors like the sun, the gravity, the mime when we talk or the loss of the collagen.

With H-50
·         Improves skin tone and elasticity
·         Long lasting hydration
·         Improves radiance of the skin

The H-50 Bio-revitalisation coctel for Virtual mesotherapy it’s essential; hydrates the skin in depth, nourishes the skin, makes it denser and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid.

Through hyaluronic acid it’s possible to introduce in the tissues the volume to support better the muscular structures.
During the years this acid, which is a natural substance that produces our body, decreases.
As a consequence causes the skin ageing.
For this reason it’s necessary the replenish of this component.
This acid in the skin, besides moisturizing the skin, also contributes to stimulate the natural collagen.

Therefore H-50 Bio-revitalisation from Worlddermic improves in a meaningful way the appearance of the wrinkles.
On the other hand this product it’s also composed of other anti-ageing active ingredients: pro-collagen, DMAE, anti-ageing peptides, vitamins and aminoacids.
Together it provides luminosity, elasticity of the skin, a better skin tone and a greater firmness.

                                                                      Don’t think twice, try it!