Nowadays with Mesotherapy techniques it’s possible to stop the time or at least to improve the physical appearance without any pain or puncture.

We introduce you an innovative product which has demonstrated its efficiency and effectiveness.

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You will never regret to try it.
It’s time for it.

It’s the H30 Bio-revitalisation Worlddermic product.
It’s perfect for people between 25-30 years old.

H30 guarantees:    – Preserve the youth of the skin
– Fades acne scars and imperfections
–  Long lasting hydration
– Improves skin luminosity

How does it work?
Through its magnificent formula made of:
Hyaluronic acid, pro-collagen, anti-aging peptides, vitamins and amino acids.

Did you know that the structure that holds your organs regenerates itself from pro-collagen?
After 20 years olds, your fibroblasts change in a radical way. It produce less pro-collagen no matter how many proteins you take in.

Just by the ingest of pro-collagen we can get back the collagen that we have lost through the years.
The collagen it’s a very good hydration factor. It’s an agent that stimulates the smooth of the skin and it’s cutaneous elasticity. On the other hand it also reduce the ageing evolution of the skin and is responsible of activating the tissue regeneration and to reduce the cutaneous irritation.
The antioxidants vitamins stimulates collagen synthesis while the amino acids are the necessary element of the protein that synthesizes the fibroblasts.
It is also a product that intensely moisturizes the skin, it has been thought for a tired skin, that has lost tone and to reaffirm flaccid zones.
It achieve all of this with the hyaluronic acid, which main characteristic is to retain the water.

We encourage you to try the new H30 Bio-revitalisation product, that can be implemented in many zones, you won’t be disappointed!