Hyaluronidasa (Lyophilised)
Hyaluronidasa (Lyophilised)
Hyaluronidasa (Lyophilised) (Accumulations of Hyaluronic Acid and fatty lumps)
                                                  "Fat deposits reduction"

The active hyaluronidase for virtual mesotherapy is essential for the elimination of liquids and to reduce the volume of adipocytes.

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that hydrolyzes hyaluronic acid (HA), promoting the diffusion of fluids in the tissues and facilitating their absorption.

In dermatology it is used to correct the excesses or complications injectable gels AH. It also increases the action of the local anesthetic, prevents the risk of necrosis in sclerotherapy, and has fibrinolytic action. Its use is effective, but should be used with caution.
Areas of application
Application areas
Accumulations of Hyaluronic Acid, fatty lumps, face and body
Localized fat deposits
Liquid removal
The therapeutic protocol will depend on the patient's age and condition of the skin.
  • 1500 IU Vial
  • Box 5 vials
  • Powder
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