The cold winter is getting closer, and skin care is essential as the skin tends to dry out a lot.

That is why it is important to know that minerals are essential for good skin care.

Otherwise, our skin suffers pallor for lack of iron or early aging, imperfections or lack of color.

However it is not difficult to provide the skin with these assets, since from the beginning of history humans have always used the resources of nature.

But in order to be sure when you take care of your face and that you have a very healthy skin, we advise you some minerals that have many important properties.

– Selenium, Neutralizes free radicals exerts an antioxidant action that contributes to the delay of the aging of the cutaneous cells. It also protects the cell membrane and maintains the elasticity of the tissues providing great hydration, which as we commented now that the approaching cold is very necessary. Finally eliminates toxins and absorption of nutrients.

– Zinc It’s a moisturizing and restorative action. It protects against UVA rays and participates in the formation of collagen (protein found in the skin), and has great anti-inflammatory properties that also possesses a great anti-acne power.

– Silicon, It favors the formation of collagen and improves the elasticity and density of the skin. It should be mentioned that it is very important for maintaining strength, proper thickness, and collagen production of the skin.

In Amdermik, S.L with brand Worlddermic we present the range of products H-Bio-revitalisation that contains among it 7 active necessary minerals for the skin that provide the necessary hydration, correction and vitality for the skin.

It is a set of assets that have very good result in the care of the skin. It is a product prepared to be applied by professionals in spas, beauty centers and salons.