During the last weeks we introduced you two deep correction treatments:
H30 Bio-revitalisation and H-50  Bio-revitalisation from Worlddermic. Indicated to be applied between 25 and 45 years old.

Today we will talk about the last product of this line that guarantees the improvement of the skin in a meaningful way, H-100 Bio-revitalisation, specially done as a integral revitalizing and intense moisturizer.

This product has been thought to be used for more than 45 years old.

Why it’s important to hydrate the skin?


The skin is the largest organism of the human body that covers and acts as a protective barrier, and isolates the organism from the environment.
For that reason it’s very important to take care of it.

Due to various factors which we are exposed every single day, the natural mechanism is not enough and we must provide support to prevent the skin dryness.

On the other hand, the woman skin is thinner than the man skin.

Among other things, H-100 provides to your skin, what it needs:
·         Stimulates pro-collagen new fibres.
·         Reduces fine wrinkles and flaccidity.
·         Restores skin hydration, re-densification and elasticity.
·         Improves radiance of the skin.

Furthermore, it contains hyaluronic acid, an indispensable element for the visco-elastic balance of the skin. It helps to stimulate the natural collagen, which reduce the ageing evolution of the skin.

That is why we encourage you to try H-100 bio-revitalisation