The first face wrinkles begin to appear at 26 years of age, this is because the level of collagen in the body decreases. On the other hand, if the person is more expressive or has suffered from stress, it is more exposed to the signs of skin aging and them appear before 

H-30 Bio-Revitalisation has a combination of minerals, aminoacids and vitamins grup-B, which act together to synergize their metabolic activities and enhance the skin tissue to ensure excellent hydrodynamic balance and metabolic conditions optimal for efficient execution of auto-repair and vital processes that allow the skin to maintain the freshness and achieve cellular longevity.

Depending on the extent of wrinkles, treatment should start more or less with soft products, starting with moisturizers and, depending on the age and condition of the skin, with antioxidants.

H-30 Bio-revitalization is a powerful moisturizing, possessing hyaluronic acid, which is a fundamental component of the cell interstitial matrix and its main function is to keep water levels in the skin.

It also features Organic Silicon, which is responsible for promoting the synthesis of collagen and is the universal adjuvant for improving the conjunctive structures.

The role of antioxidants is to prevent skin aging by the accumulation of substances which would be called oxidants (free radicals) and can work more efficiently the damage on the surface, and the depth of the face.

However, for the depth of the skin, it is more convenient to use stimulators; of collagen formation and peptides.

Therefore H-30 Bio-Revitalisation incorporates in its formula Pro.Colágen peptide, which stimulates the formation of new fibers colágen. To restore skin smoothness, fill wrinkles and fight skin aging.

H-30 Bio-Revitalisation  it’s composed of
30 mg Hyaluronic acid
Pro-collagen peptide
Hyaluronic acid (in sodium salt form)