Product Description
Asian Centella is a plant naturally growing in Madagascar and around Indian Ocean. It has been used over the centuries in the Asian traditional medicine.
 Active principles of Asian Centella Extract consist of three triterpenic components: Asian, Madecasic acids and Asiaticoside as the major active substance and the main responsible for collagen synthesis stimulation and mitotic stimulant.
Asian Centella Extract promotes, protects and speeds up healing.
On one side, the product regulates essential amino acids incorporation into collagen for natural protein, alanine and proline biosynthesis, thus stimulating granulation tissue, and on the other side, it makes easier epithelialization by promoting glycosaminoglycans.
 Artichoke Extract, promotes coenzyme synthesis (NAD-NADHZ and NADPHZ), mainly NADP-NADPHZ could mostly involve in lipolysis control.
 It is possible for Artichoke Extract to find receptors in the tissues and for such reason; it promotes exudate reabsorption and tissular retention thereby increasing diuresis.

Artichoke Extract ACTION:
·         choleretic
·         on liver anti-toxic function
·         on liver glycogenic function
·         on lipid metabolism
·         on kidney and urea metabolism

Rutine, acts on capillaries, decreasing capillary permeability and increasing muscular resistance, the circulatory debit and vascular neogenesis.

Owing to its predominant reducing action on generalized and localized obesity, promoting accumulated fat mobilization, as well as an anti-cellulite and ant-edematous effect.

  • Owing to its predominant reducing action on generalized and localized obesity
  • Promoting accumulated fat mobilization
  • Anti-cellulite and anti-edematous effect

·         Arms————-Apply 5-7 ml each arm
·         Abdomen—————Apply 7-12 ml
·         Back ———————Apply 7-15 ml
·         Buttocks—————–Apply 7-15 ml
·         Thighs——————–Apply 7-15 ml each tigh

The DEVICES that can be used to apply the Cocktail Reducing Natural Extracts:
Electroporation, iontophoresis, ultrasounds (sonophoresis), thermotherapy, vacuum therapy, galvanic and DC currents, radiofrequency, dermaroller, dermapen etc.

Number of Sessions (Treatment)
Between 8 and 12 sessions, spaced 1 or 2 weeks.
1 maintenance treatment each 6 months (2 per year)

You can alternate the Cocktail Reducing Natural Extracts treatment sessions with some sessions using the Worlddermic products: Cynadermic, Carnitidermic, Melilotdermic or Remolding.

*The professional will give a personalized advice to the patient.