Choose the triple action remolding reducer

Choose the triple action remolding reducer
                                         Still don't know the Triple Action Remolding? Discover more about the Ampelopsin!                             
                                       Ampelopsin, the triple action remodeling reducer.

The active ingredient Ampelosin, extracted from the Myrica Cerifera L., significantly reduces Lipogenesis and Adipogenesis, and raises Lipolysis. Ampelosin is a new high-tech cosmetic ingredient, that gives an integral solution to the increased and/or related problems with the accumulation of fats in the adipose tissue, thanks to their applications in all types of treatment (prevention, treatment and maintenance).

Indications: Localized fat deposits. Triple molding action. Decreases adipogenesis, lipogenesis and stimulates lipolysis.

Composition: Mannitol, Dihydromyricetin, Sodium Hydroxide.

Ampelosin is a lipolytic substance that has recently appeared on the market; ideal for modeling body contouring, since it reduces the amount of accumulated and localized fat.

This principle active ingredient, of vegetable origin, was obtained from a schrub called the Myrica Cerifera, and the difference from other mesotherapy products, is that it acts directly on the three reasons for increased fat in the body:

1.- Decreases adipogenesis: Ampelosin actively works on the differentiation and maturation of adipocytes, which means that it prevents the formation of new fat deposits.

2.- Decreases lipogenesis: Ampelosin acts by directly inhibiting crucial proteins by capturing triglycerides, so no more triglycerides are able to be stored in the body.

3.- Stimulates lipolysis: Thanks to a combination of two previous actions, Ampelosin is able to boost the burning of fat, making the body get rid of excess triglycerides much faster.

The capacity of this substance, allows two fundamental actions. In the first place, the effect is immediate, since with just a few small sessions, results have already been seen. But also, this is being maintained for prolonged periods of time, without it being necessary to repeat the treatment in a short time. The results that are seen with Ampelosin are being maintained because the body stops storing fat at the rate it once did.

A 15 day interval is recommended between sessions of dermapen/dermaroller treatments or 6 days in TRS treatments.
Amount of active ingredients is in relation to the treated area. The quantity of mixtures can be varied depending on the treated area and the system used.
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