Caffeine is the main active compound in coffee, stimulates the central nervous system, helps digestion, stimulates attention and keeps us awake.
It is essential in the diets, since caffeine is to lose weight, but you know its benefits in terms of beauty?
If you want to make the most of the potential of this substance in therapies for the body, face and hair, you should also know that promotes the blood circulation, hydrates and protects.
Worlddermic has Mesocelu and Caffeindermic products, containing Caffeine.

Caffeine Fights the cellulite

Often we find the caffeine in anti-cellulite cosmetics.

These products take advantage of its ability to stimulate blood flow, eliminate the fluid present in the cells and reduce body fat.

Caffeine Moisturizes

Caffeine is also very popular in Cosmetics for its hydration.

It can be used to soften calluses and rough parts of the foot.

Use coffee grounds to massage the feet and then, take a relaxing bath.

Caffeine is a Powerful Antioxidant

Protect the body against the damage caused by the aging of the skin.

For this reason, is a large component of creams, anti-aging for face and body.

Caffeine against bad Smells

Caffeine is an excellent remedy against persistent odors, especially derivatives of preparing dishes like garlic, onion and fish.

Caffeine is a Facial Exfoliator and Body Scrub

Caffeine is present in the ground coffee and makes it a great product to exfoliate the skin, useful to eliminate dead cells and regenerate it completely.

Caffeine is used to strengthen

This active ingredient in coffee can be used to reaffirm.

Caffeine for Highlights

Coffee has natural highlights for brown hair.

You only have to apply it after the shampoo into wet hair, from roots to ends. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap and let stand for 30 minutes. Then, rinse.

Caffeine to Relieve

Caffeine can be used to reduce dark circles.

Moreover, many specific products anti-dark circles show him as the main component.

Caffeine for Cleaning

 It is an excellent component of soaps and gels, because it eliminates impurities from the skin

Caffeine Stimulates

Before threatening the varicose veins, remember that caffeine is used in the formulas of creams for treatment of varicose veins.