It is time to turn on the engines and start preparing the long-awaited arrival of summer!
It’s time to begin the famous tradition of “Bikini body challenge”
You do not have time for sports? Need a more effective solution?

Do not worry, because Worlddermic has prepared a plan designed especially for you.
We present a procedure to be performed based on products that have the highest quality standards.

In addition Worlddermic products are exclusively designed for people who are interested and have aesthetic, health and skincare concerns, demand quality, and require proven solutions.

They are researched, developed, innovated and manufactured with the highest quality providing excellence and solutions for professionals in the world of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine and also to the final consumer.

1.       First we must eliminate cellulite, which leaves that ugly look, before the arrival of summer. For that we will use MESOCELU.
Cellulite is a condition caused by abnormal physiology of the skin and subcutaneous fat.
Its appearance is related to an alteration in the capillaries that feed adipose tissue, where fat is stored.
The cellulite skin is rough and dry, also sometimes hurts and in advanced stages appear edema and nodules.
The Mesocelu (Cocktail) (Anti-Cellulite) composed of L-carnitine, Routine and Asian Centella works holistically and simultaneously
improving the quality and efficiency of the microvasculature to reduce edema, inflammatory response and pain.

2.       Secondly, once we have overcome the cellulite, we proceed to attack localized fat on belly, thighs, buttocks and flab around the waist.For this, Worlddermic has NATURAL EXTRACTS I.
These fat deposits are due to several factors, including: age, sex and stress, intake of some drugs and unwholesome habits or routines of life.
To avoid them healthy habits are essential. However when we get older the fat is more difficult to remove.
Men are more likely to accumulate in the abdominal area, side waist and back. While women, mainly in the waist, hips, buttocks, thighs and sometimes in arms.
NATURAL EXTRACTS I, is composed of Centella asiatica and Artichoke and has a
direct effect on localized fat.

3.       Despite all efforts, there is often stubborn fat and is difficult to make them disappear. For those situations we propose you to apply AMPELOPSIN.
The results achieved with ampelopsin are maintained because the body stops absorbing the fat at the same rate as it had been doing.
This product consists of Mannitol, Dihydromyricetin and sodium hydroxide.
It is designed specifically for application after treatment of localized fat like Natural Extracts I.
It works, molding by triple action, localized fat deposits and reduces adipogenesis, lipogenesis and stimulates lipolysis.

4.        Finally after the process of removing cellulite and fat deposits, must be made a firming treatment, we recommend for that PEPTIDERMIC.
With Peptidermic the face is smoother and the skin looks younger
This product has:
– Argireline, that has been specifically designed to combat wrinkles, and has significant efficacy.
– Leuphasyl, a pentapeptide that slows the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.
With Peptidermic will reduce the depth of wrinkles caused by the contraction of the muscles of expression. In addition also it functions as reductor of muscle contraction.

          This product has been designed to be apply for PROFESSIONALS in the world of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine.