The regenerating and energizing properties of Sodium Pyruvate makes it ideal for use in facial and body treatments.
It stimulates not only collagen synthesis but also fibroblast activity.
When combined with regenerating agents such as organic silica or Asian centella, Sodium Pyruvate Stimulating Solution can be used to treat a variety of complaints including skin ageing, stretch marks and hair loss.
It has also been shown to accelerate lipolysis, an essential property of many cellulite cocktail.
·         increases mitochondria membrane potential, by stimulating cellular respiration
·         Increase of glucose transport towards muscular cell
·         It is essential for A.T.P. (Adenosin – Triphosphate) production in the organism responsible for muscular contractions.

By the actions above described, sodium pyruvate has been used alone or together with different “cocktails” of Mesotherapy to treat:
·         Body and face flaccidity
·         Wrinkles and skin aging
·         Atrophic grooves
·         Anti-ageing
·         Cellulite
·         Hyperpigmentation

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