Mesotherapy is a technique widely used in aesthetic medicine, although many people turn to the alternative of virtual mesotherapy, which does not require injections.
It is a system that allows the transdermal conduction of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics but without using needles.

In virtual mesotherapy, substances are applied in gel consistency and a equipment that allows the substances to be absorbed quickly and penetrate the cells to be able to act.

It is also possible to combat the wrinkles of aging by delivering nutrients to the skin through virtual mesotherapy.

H-50 Bio-revitalisation is a very effective substance that performs a deep corrective treatment on the skin, which nourishes and redensifies it.

It also provides 7 assets through a single treatment.

• It is composed of a group of minerals, amino acids and vitamins of the B-group, which allows skin balance and reach cellular longevity.
• Hyaluronic acid, which maintains the level of water in the skin Increases firmness and skin elasticity.
• D-mae, which increases cellular nutrition and hydration.
• Pro.Colágeno peptide, which stimulates the formation of new collagen fibers.
• Organic silicon, which stabilizes and maintains the architecture of cutaneous tissues.

The H-50 Bio-revitalization Cocktail is intended for people who are between 35-45 years old.
It can be applied to the face, neck  and back of the hands.
Virtual mesotherapy, thanks to new products and techniques, are constantly increasing and improving.